Design | Learning Task 1. Identifying focus and hierarchy


1) Photo is large, and in the middle. 2) Big text related to the large Photo. 3) A even larger text however this is not the centre of the page and might be overlooked at first look. 4) small stories under number 1 and 2 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) are all minor, with similar size and text.


1) The photo is big, in the middle 2) several small vine videos in the background, although i would think this should of been No.1 i found that the large “Vine” was caughting my eye more. 3) bright colors, very eye catching. 4) a smaller video 5) text to go with the video. 6) centre in the middle, but as a low profile. 7) similar to No 6 8) some small icons


1) a very large image 2) a great size font 3,4,5,6) smallish photos with beautiful text.


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