Design | Learning Task 8| Gutenberg Diagram

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 3.53.08 pm

The Facebook page exhibits The Gutenberg theory of flow. The Title “Facebook” is situated near the left hand side, and is in large bold text. with the users eye Flowing diagonally rightwards to the bottom right hand corner showing a bold and large sign up title. The amount of eye catching images are limited to the centre of the page. The use of grid is very evident being a news site.


Design | Learning Task 1. Identifying focus and hierarchy


1) Photo is large, and in the middle. 2) Big text related to the large Photo. 3) A even larger text however this is not the centre of the page and might be overlooked at first look. 4) small stories under number 1 and 2 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) are all minor, with similar size and text.


1) The photo is big, in the middle 2) several small vine videos in the background, although i would think this should of been No.1 i found that the large “Vine” was caughting my eye more. 3) bright colors, very eye catching. 4) a smaller video 5) text to go with the video. 6) centre in the middle, but as a low profile. 7) similar to No 6 8) some small icons


1) a very large image 2) a great size font 3,4,5,6) smallish photos with beautiful text.