Design | Learning Task 12 | Good and bad type

Representative of “good” type use


Classic Font, minal change over years.


The colour and contrast helps highlight the easy to read-classical looking font.


A plain white background, and simplistic font.


Large font, as well as easy to read from short to long distances, as well as very simple.


Colourful and bright with simple to read font.

Representative of “Bad” type use


font is too small and the colour could be hard to see with the small font at certain distances as well as a not so simple to read font.


Although you can read the font for “London” the font for “2012” is incredibly bad to read and the shape/outline are so distorted, it is not straightforward.


The shape, size and font type makes this logo extremely hard to read.


The colour difference isnt greater enough to make the “to everywhere” stand out, and the background noise is too much.


Poor positioning of text.

Design | Learning Task 13 | Poster Design

Author: Ayn Rand, ‘The Monument Builders’

Author: Ayn Rand, ‘The Monument Builders’


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