Digital Imaging | Photoshop | Learning Task 8 | jpg Compression


Size of the image 4.3MB


Size of the image 3.2MB

The Difference in size would be due to diffrent levels of saturation, brightness, exposure in each image, in the first image, there is a lot of detail and a lot that is going on with a high levels of saturation and brightness, compare that to the second image that has a much more belance level of detail and has a lot less going on.

How do you explain the difference in file size? Your camera is capturing the same number of pixels, so why would the file sizes be different?

Difference in size would be due to the diffrent levels of saturation, brightness, exposure etc, that would add weight to per pixel.

How does this influence the way you take photos if your brief requires relatively small file sizes? What sort of backgrounds should you consider if your client needs small files?

I would attempt to be aware of the image’s back grounds and the objects in them, keeping them as simple and to the point as possable.

I would also atmept to have a single dominating colour (perferably a lighter color as a darker color tends to have more data then a lighter color).

Assuming you were given a brief such as taking a product shot of a modern ” city car ” (see left ) that had to go into a web advertisement and you needed to ensure file sizes were small, describe a suitable and a not-so-suitable background you might use.

To keep the file size as small as possable, i would keep the image as basic as possable, keeping the dominating color as white, if it had to be something else, i would choose a backgroud that again had light colors and was very minimalist.

a unsuitable background, would be one with dark and rich colors, with a lot of detail, it would not only draw your attention away from the main foucs “The Car”, but would increasing the amount of data (or bits) with in the picture, and therefore increasing the image size.


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